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Kindness Test

Posted by Saphire on January 23, 2012 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

There are 4 questions in this test. 

(Q1) You are walking down the street and a homeless man asks if you have some change you can spare, you have about a dollar of change in your pocket but you have a huge craving for some pop. You . . .

A) You give him the change, you can always have some water instead.

B) You give him half your change, you can still get your second favorite from the machine.

C) You tell him you dont have any change and come back later and giv him a water. and a sandwich. 

D) Act like you didnt hear him and keep walking.


(Q2) Your friend lies to you and tells you, you feel really angry and you see they feel sad about it. You . . . 

A) Confort them and go to the gym later to work off the steam.

B) Confort them a little but yell at them later over something dumb.

C) Walk away and go blow off steam.

D) Walk away, they shouldnt have lied to you in the first place.


(Q3) You see a person thats really clumsy get tripped. You . . .

A) Go over and confront the person who tripped them. 

B) Do nothing. 

C) Laugh quietly to yourself.

D) Go over, help the clumsy person up and gather the things they dropped.


(Q4) You see that someone is picking on people. You . . . 

A) Go confront the person ang end up being picked on yourself. 75

B) Stick up for the people and tell the person its wrong.50

C) Tell the person its wrong. 25

D) Confront the person, tell them its wrong and stick up for the people. 100



Q1) _A=100_B=50_C=75_D=25

Q2) _A=100_B=50_C=75_D=25

Q3) _A=75_B=50_C=25_D=100

Q4) _A=75_B=50_C=25_D=100


How to find persent of Kindness

Add all answers, Divide by 400, round to nearest tenth.

Use calculater if needed.


Example, A on all

100+100+75+75 = 350

350 divided by 400 = .875 

Round up to .88


The Truthfulness Test

Posted by Saphire on January 22, 2012 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

There are 4 questions in the test, dont look to the end until you are at the end. 

(And for goodness sake answer truethfully!!!)

(Q1) You have a HUGE sectret and you are aching to tell your friend, but know that it might hurt your friendship. You . . .

A) Are careful with how you word it and tell them.

B) Tell them, your too exited to hold it in. 

C) Dont tell them, you think that your friendship is too important. 

D) Tell them a few days later after you've calmed down about it. 

(Q2) You find out that your friend lied to you and you feel hurt. You . . .

A) You drop not-so-suttle hints that you know that they lied. 

B) Tell them that you know that they lied and that its alright with you, you figure thay have a good reason to lie to you. 

C) Dont tell them and hold it over their head, they shouldnt have lied. 

D) You drop it, they must have had a good reason to lie and you figure its best not to tell them you know. 

(Q3) Your friend goes out with your ex and doesnt tell you, you find out and feel hurt. You know that your ex cheats on people a lot. You . . . 

A) Don't tell your friend, they should have told you. 

B) Drop it on your friend as soon as you find out and your angry. 

C) Tell your friend about it once you've cooled down and are careful about how you word it. 

D) Dont tell them but comfort them once they find out. 

(Q4) You cheat off of your friend on a small test and you feel horrible. You . . .

A) Tell the professor and take an F. 

B) Tell your friend and let them talk you out of telling the professor. 

C) Don't tell anyone, it wasnt a big test and it doesnt matter. 

D) Tell your friend and tell the proffesor. 


Key . . . 


A). 75 | B.) 50 | C.) 25 | D) 100


A.) 50 | B.) 100 C.) 25 | D.) 75


A.) 75 | B.) 25 | C.) 100 | D) 50


A.) 75 | B.) 50 | C.) 25 | D.) 100

Add all of your answers, divide by 400, round to nearest tenth. (you can use a calculater)

Example. A on all. 

75 + 50 + 75 + 75 = 275, 275 % 400 = 0.6875 =.69 = 69%

The Humanity Equation

Posted by Saphire on January 22, 2012 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

I love this show called Being Human. It is about a very odd group of people (a vampire who is stuck in a web of vampire political stuff, a werewolf who is a nervouse reck and a nurse, a ghost who can sometimes hold a spoon and poor coffie anywhere but in the mug) who are all trying to live and act like they are human again because that is all they could ever want now that they've lost it. 

And that got me thinking. What does humanity mean really? Does it mean ingenuity and the ability to learn from mistakes? Or does it mean tall buildings and Starbucks? I mean, when you get down to it, humanity is complicated and very hard to put a finger on. It all depends of your point of view really.

If your point of view allows you to see more mercy and ingenuity in humanity, that is surely better and that is trueth. If your point of view makes you see more of the selfishness and hate in humanity then ,though sad, that is what you see as humanity, but it is also trueth. Stone cold trueth. 

Some people say there is no such thing as humanity, I dont agree. I believe there IS humanity, just that some people dont show it, and that some people choose to throw it out the window and do whatever they want without even thinking about it. 

Here is my thought on humanity (round age up or down to closest decade, five and over round up)

H = (k + t) x a

Humanity = (kindness + truthfulness) x age 

I will put another few posts on so you can find kindness and truthfullness. 

Think about it and tell me what you come up with. The answer might suprise you. 


Ceiling Tiles, Doctors, and Solitare

Posted by Saphire on January 17, 2012 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Today was a bad day. I spent the whole day in the nurses office. My heart had gone wonky and started really, really hurting. After I waited for my dad (spending my day between drinking water, playing solitare, and memorising what the ceiling ties in the nerses office look like) I went to the doctors office and they told me that I had some condition I have no idea how to pronounce. 

So to sum up; I spent the whole day in the nurses office, I got to go to the doctors office (maybe you've picked up that i dont like doctors by now?) and i got told that i have a heart condition that i am now on a sort of Steroids for. 

Any thoughts? Questions? 

Tell me what you think. 



Posted by Saphire on January 14, 2012 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (1)

I have been thinking and i know that nothing in the world is the way that it is suposed to be. Sometimes the case is that we do something nice and something bad happens to us when we are expecting something good in return. And sometimes we do something bad and then feel very lucky for getting away scot free. Sometimes we dont even think about it. But once we do, we realise that some things in the world arent right, or at least we think that they arent right. Then we most of the time try to fix them.

And when we try to fix them we might not do it correctly and we end up making things worse. But if we dont try to fix it then we feel that we dont do anything. and when we dont feel that we do anything we notice the minor or major things that are wrong even more than we did before.

So here is the question i ask.

Work towards the thing we see right, and posibly get it wrong? Or dont do anything and feel like we are lazy? Which would you chose?

Doctorly Compidance?

Posted by Saphire on January 4, 2012 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (6)

Hello Everyone

I got the heart monitor off a while ago (didnt find anything on it) and i was feeling a bit better for a while after it. I had been feeling pretty good for a while until I got to the day I had to have christmas with my cousins. I was waiting for my turn when I got an episode, a big one. And I guess that I sort of relapsed on that day. i have had a lot of episodes since then. 

And the worst part is that i dont have an appointment with a cardiologist or a doctor of any sort. which means that i am not going to get any answers with what is happening. the only ideas that the doctors and nurses and med. students have had is that i might have had a small infection in the tissue in or around my heart ("Which you should get over soon enough"), or some damage had been done in an accident of some sort ("Which we cannot do anything about").

And i cant help but feel like the Doctors are a bit incompident. 

Well, tell me what you think.


Last Thoughts, Regret, & Sadness

Posted by Saphire on December 7, 2011 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello Everyone,

(By the way, if this blog completely becomes about my heart, im sorry.)

I have been thinking about my heart and the fact that we STILL dont know what is going on. And I thought about, if i died today, what my last thought might be. 

And after thinking on it for a while, I had knew but one thing for certain. It would most likely be a regret. I dont like that. All we do in our lives is regret. And i'm not okay with that. Not one bit. 

Life should be a time where we should cherish what we have, not regret not getting something better. Life is a time when we should love our family, not think about how much they annoy us sometimes. 

And the think that get me the most is this. If we regret so much it takes the fun from life and then, at the end of it all, we regret regretting so much. And if we think about it, we can stop regretting right now and just live our lives happily. And if we did that, wouldn't that make even Mondays seem like a good thing, because its another day we get to live. 

And at the end, regret is basically another form of sadness. And i know that no one likes feeling sad. 

And if there is one thing i know it is this. Sadness and regret can turn a happy person who is fun and loving, into someone that you look at and wonder what happened, 

For example i have a friend that is always really happy and bubilly and really enjoyable to be around, especially on a Monday. And today she came into class and you could tell that she had been crying. The face that was usually smiling and almost glowing with happiness was red around the eyes, pail everywhere else, and frowning. The eyes that usually sparcled and shined were puffy and bloodshot. I didn't know what to say. I had never seen her that way before. I tried to talk to her but i think i made it worse.

But my point is, think about how many times you have regretted something. I'll give you a minute.  

.   .    . 

It was a lot wasn't it. Doesn't that suck. 

Well I've written a lot so im just gonna sum it up real quick. 

Dont regret, dont let things get you sad as easily. Live everyday in life as if it were your last. Because you never know if it is.


Heart Healthy Funniness Part 2

Posted by Saphire on November 27, 2011 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Everyone,

I figured you liked my last post, so I am putting another funny moment on here. 

I was sitting in Science again and a guy I like came over and started flirting with me. We're making jokes, laughin' together, and havin fun. 

Then he askes if I would go out with him.

And the thing -BEEEEEEP-s. I am sooo embarased!! And i become even more embarest when the bell rings and he has to go, and i dont get to say yes, or no, or 'let me think about it'. 

There it is, the funniest moments of my life that happened because of a mashean that i have to wear for thirty days. 

Got a funny story? Tell me about it. 


Heart Healthy Funniness

Posted by Saphire on November 26, 2011 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone.

Here's the funny story that you are all looking forward to. 

I was sitting in Science class and I had an episode. (An episode is a heart thingy.) And the heart monitor started to automatically record it. 

Doesn't sound funny yet though does it? Here is the funny part. 

I didtn't know that the heart monitor beeped when it recorded. 

So let me set the scene for you. 

It's a really (really!) quiet classroom and all you can hear is the sound of russleing papers. The teacher says that testing time is over. everyone gets up and starts handing in their tests. People are talking. Everything is normal. 

And then it beeps. And its not a quiet -BEEP-. No. it was a very, very loud -BEEEEEEEEP-. And everyone stops talking. And every head turns to me. And im covering the thing with my hands trying to make it stop but it didn't stop until the episode was over (About three minutes.) and by then everyone knew it was coming from me. 

And all this earned me the nickname C3PO. See i told you it was funny. 


Personal Heart.

Posted by Saphire on November 26, 2011 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello Everyone.

Sorry I havent writting anything in a while, but I didnt have anything to write about. 

I want to tell you all about something slightly personal about myself. I have a heart problem. The doctors have no idea what is going on. And because of that I have to wear a heart monitor. It atomatically records odd heart thingys. I have to wear it for thirty days. I have to wear it to bed. (So annoying.) And to school. (So embarasing.) 

The heart thingy that I have is freaking out a lot of people (my sister). For example a lot of people in my school think that I am dieing. And I have had to keep telling my friends that I am not dieing. 

I'm not afraid, not really. In fact there have been a few moments that happened because of the heart monitor that I found simply hilariouse. I will write about them, but not in this one. (They are too long.)

Anyway, tell me what you think about my situation and I'll write about the humoris things that happened to me because of my heart monitore.