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Be the *Real* You

Posted by Saphire on November 13, 2011 at 8:50 PM

Why do we put on acts for other people? 

Thats what i want to know. We act like we are someone else all of the time. And for what? To make other people like us, 

Now isn't that stupid. Isn't that a stupid reason to not be the funny, truthful, amazing people we really are? 

I have an answer for that. Yes. Yes it is. We, as a whole, need to forget what other people might think about us and just BE WHO WE ARE!!! 

I mean come on people. How many times have you caught yourself acting diferently when someone else comes in the room (maybe standing a bit straiter or being quieter). 

And i know that sometimes it can get hard to control that. Maybe its because you like that person in a *special* way. But thats no excuse for throwing the real you out the window. And if that person really liked you back, they would have to like the REAL you.

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