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The Humanity Equation

Posted by Saphire on January 22, 2012 at 10:15 AM

I love this show called Being Human. It is about a very odd group of people (a vampire who is stuck in a web of vampire political stuff, a werewolf who is a nervouse reck and a nurse, a ghost who can sometimes hold a spoon and poor coffie anywhere but in the mug) who are all trying to live and act like they are human again because that is all they could ever want now that they've lost it. 

And that got me thinking. What does humanity mean really? Does it mean ingenuity and the ability to learn from mistakes? Or does it mean tall buildings and Starbucks? I mean, when you get down to it, humanity is complicated and very hard to put a finger on. It all depends of your point of view really.

If your point of view allows you to see more mercy and ingenuity in humanity, that is surely better and that is trueth. If your point of view makes you see more of the selfishness and hate in humanity then ,though sad, that is what you see as humanity, but it is also trueth. Stone cold trueth. 

Some people say there is no such thing as humanity, I dont agree. I believe there IS humanity, just that some people dont show it, and that some people choose to throw it out the window and do whatever they want without even thinking about it. 

Here is my thought on humanity (round age up or down to closest decade, five and over round up)

H = (k + t) x a

Humanity = (kindness + truthfulness) x age 

I will put another few posts on so you can find kindness and truthfullness. 

Think about it and tell me what you come up with. The answer might suprise you. 


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