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Kindness Test

Posted by Saphire on January 23, 2012 at 12:20 AM

There are 4 questions in this test. 

(Q1) You are walking down the street and a homeless man asks if you have some change you can spare, you have about a dollar of change in your pocket but you have a huge craving for some pop. You . . .

A) You give him the change, you can always have some water instead.

B) You give him half your change, you can still get your second favorite from the machine.

C) You tell him you dont have any change and come back later and giv him a water. and a sandwich. 

D) Act like you didnt hear him and keep walking.


(Q2) Your friend lies to you and tells you, you feel really angry and you see they feel sad about it. You . . . 

A) Confort them and go to the gym later to work off the steam.

B) Confort them a little but yell at them later over something dumb.

C) Walk away and go blow off steam.

D) Walk away, they shouldnt have lied to you in the first place.


(Q3) You see a person thats really clumsy get tripped. You . . .

A) Go over and confront the person who tripped them. 

B) Do nothing. 

C) Laugh quietly to yourself.

D) Go over, help the clumsy person up and gather the things they dropped.


(Q4) You see that someone is picking on people. You . . . 

A) Go confront the person ang end up being picked on yourself. 75

B) Stick up for the people and tell the person its wrong.50

C) Tell the person its wrong. 25

D) Confront the person, tell them its wrong and stick up for the people. 100



Q1) _A=100_B=50_C=75_D=25

Q2) _A=100_B=50_C=75_D=25

Q3) _A=75_B=50_C=25_D=100

Q4) _A=75_B=50_C=25_D=100


How to find persent of Kindness

Add all answers, Divide by 400, round to nearest tenth.

Use calculater if needed.


Example, A on all

100+100+75+75 = 350

350 divided by 400 = .875 

Round up to .88


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