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The Truthfulness Test

Posted by Saphire on January 22, 2012 at 11:05 AM

There are 4 questions in the test, dont look to the end until you are at the end. 

(And for goodness sake answer truethfully!!!)

(Q1) You have a HUGE sectret and you are aching to tell your friend, but know that it might hurt your friendship. You . . .

A) Are careful with how you word it and tell them.

B) Tell them, your too exited to hold it in. 

C) Dont tell them, you think that your friendship is too important. 

D) Tell them a few days later after you've calmed down about it. 

(Q2) You find out that your friend lied to you and you feel hurt. You . . .

A) You drop not-so-suttle hints that you know that they lied. 

B) Tell them that you know that they lied and that its alright with you, you figure thay have a good reason to lie to you. 

C) Dont tell them and hold it over their head, they shouldnt have lied. 

D) You drop it, they must have had a good reason to lie and you figure its best not to tell them you know. 

(Q3) Your friend goes out with your ex and doesnt tell you, you find out and feel hurt. You know that your ex cheats on people a lot. You . . . 

A) Don't tell your friend, they should have told you. 

B) Drop it on your friend as soon as you find out and your angry. 

C) Tell your friend about it once you've cooled down and are careful about how you word it. 

D) Dont tell them but comfort them once they find out. 

(Q4) You cheat off of your friend on a small test and you feel horrible. You . . .

A) Tell the professor and take an F. 

B) Tell your friend and let them talk you out of telling the professor. 

C) Don't tell anyone, it wasnt a big test and it doesnt matter. 

D) Tell your friend and tell the proffesor. 


Key . . . 


A). 75 | B.) 50 | C.) 25 | D) 100


A.) 50 | B.) 100 C.) 25 | D.) 75


A.) 75 | B.) 25 | C.) 100 | D) 50


A.) 75 | B.) 50 | C.) 25 | D.) 100

Add all of your answers, divide by 400, round to nearest tenth. (you can use a calculater)

Example. A on all. 

75 + 50 + 75 + 75 = 275, 275 % 400 = 0.6875 =.69 = 69%

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