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By: Saphire

The Story that Was Never Told: Part I - The Beginning

Jenny was woken up in the middle of the night by her mother gently shaking her arm.

"You have to get up," she said. Jenny didn’t understand, but she knew better than to argue. She got up and quickly threw on her robe. Her mother led her to the living room. Jenny rubbed her eyes and looked around the room. Her father was up too. But there was someone else there. He was tall and dressed all in black. His eyes were a light blue, and they were looking right at her. Jenny felt herself blush for some reason. She looked away to see her parents staring intently at her.

"What’s wrong?" she asked.

The darkly cloaked man, who seemed to be only a few years older than her, came over to Jenny and gave her a serious look. "My name is Severus," he said.

"I'm Jenny," she replied. As she watched, Severus reached into the folds of his cloak and pulled something out. The object was a necklace, with beautiful stone that seemed to encompass the all the wonders of the world within. Slowly, Severus reached out and gently clasped the necklace around Jenny’s neck.

"What’s this?" she said, staring, transfixed, at the blue stone that now hung around her neck. As she watched, it turned a lighter blue. "Is it a mood stone?" she asked with some unease.

This will keep you safe," he said. "But you will need to be brave and strong." He looked in her eyes for a long time.

“Safe from what?" she asked nervously. The stone became darker, as if a shadow had passed across it, turning its shimmering surface slightly gray.

"From the evil one," her father finally spoke.

"But I thought he was dead," she said, her voice high and shaky. The stone was nearly black now.

"He is back," her mother said.

"And I will help you as much as I can," Severus said, sounding very brave.

"He’s after me?" she asked. The stone was as black as the darkest night, and as cold as the iciest storm of winter.

"You will be ok," her father said, walking over to her. "Everything will be ok." Suddenly, they heard a noise outside and her mother pushed Jenny toward her room. "No matter what you hear, don’t come out of your room." Jenny nodded and got in bed. She heard shouts from the living room, but as she had promised, she stayed in her room. It was only when she heard a piercing scream from her mother that she abandoned all caution and ran to the living room. As she entered the room, she saw her parents lying on the floor. Jenny ran to them and felt their pulses. They were dead.
She looked up from her parents and saw a group of people standing in the living room. They were all dressed in black and looked very intimidating. There was a woman with scraggly black hair and eyes that seemed to laugh at everything around her with a cruel malice and a man who had bright blond hair and an evil expression filled with cruel delight at Jenny’s despair. Severus was there too, his eyes cold and dark. That scared her. But what scared her the most was who was in the front. He had dark eyes that seemed to suck the very soul out of Jenny and a flat nose that looked like a snake's. His mouth was twisted in an evil smile. She stood up slowly and turned to look at him.

"Look at this," he said in an icy voice that made her shiver. "We missed one." Jenny tried to run and was almost out the back door when a sudden, violent wave of pain hit her and sent her to the ground. She kept herself from screaming, but just barely. The pain finally ended and she stayed on the ground forcing herself to stay and not try to run again.

"Come back here," the evil one said. She stayed where she was, having no intention of going back there "I said," she lurched to her feet, but not of her own accord, then she moved back to the living room. She forced against it but she couldn’t

"Come back." he finished when he saw her She stood in front of them and didn’t move though she tried very hard to "What do you think Severus?" he said, looking at him. "Do you like her?" Severus walked up to her and she pleaded with her eyes to him for them to let him go.

"No sir, I don’t like her," he said. "She is a bit wild for me."

"What a pity," said the evil one as Severus walked back into the group. "She’s just so pretty. Oh, and you can let her go now Malfoy," he said, nodding to the blond haired one. He lowered his wand and Jenny crumpled on the ground, thankful to have her movement back.

"Get up," the evil one said. She got up, but only so that she wouldn’t be controlled. The evil one raised his wand and pointed it right at her. He said a word she could not understand and she saw a flash of green light. The light seemed to bounce off the necklace and hit the evil one. He will get her in astonishment, his eyes going wide. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. They collapsed at the same time. She blacked out. The woman with the scraggly hair rushed over to him and helped him to his feet, asking him if he was OK.

“I’m fine,” he snarled angrily. "Severus, clean up and make sure they can’t tell we were here.”

"Yes sir" Severus replied as they filed out. As soon as they were gone he rushed to Jenny and felt her pulse it was faint but there, the necklace had worked. She was safe. He picked her up and brought her to his house, where she would live until she was ready to go to Hogwarts.


COMING SOON: Part 2: The first year